Griffarage to be given another "chance" to make nationalists look stupid.

“British National Party leader Nick Griffin is set to return to the BBC following his controversial appearance on Question Time last year.

The politician will appear as part of the broadcaster’s coverage of the general election this spring.

The corporation yesterday announced plans to follow the TV debate between major party leaders Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg with a ‘minor parties debate’.

In a statement published on the BBC website, chief political advisor Ric Bailey said: “There will be arrangements in the programming around the BBC debate, a week before polling day, to ensure other parties which have demonstrated they have some electoral support – UKIP, the Green Party and the BNP – will have their say.”

Though ITV and Sky will also air live debates, it has not yet been announced whether they will also make room in their schedules for a similar arrangement.

Griffin’s deputy Simon Darby also revealed the BBC’s plan to feature the far right group in an edition of Panorama in the next few months.”

With the added bonus for the establishment of a Panorama program as well.

Griffarages state handlers must be laughing their socks off at this.

Well spotted anon.

The promotion of the states (multicult.) safety valve (under Griffarage) continues unabated.


6 thoughts on “Griffarage to be given another "chance" to make nationalists look stupid.

  1. Anonymous

    FFS the man made himself look a prat on QT,the left must be laughing.I think simon darby would look better on brighton beach with his trousers up to his knees chasing gulls & quails with his cummerbund round his head shouting "we are the plods we are plods we are we are we are the plods"

  2. Shropshire Lad

    "I think simon darby would look better on brighton beach with his trousers up to his knees…"Surely just one trouser leg rolled up: at the Lodge with Griffin sr and jr, and their Masonic accountants Silvers.Oy Vey.

  3. DF essex

    The moron made a real c**t of himself last time! I thought he handled himself so poorly it was unforgivable; but of course the idiot membership forgave him yet again. Gri££in had the opportunity to hit hard but instead he came across as the limp-wristed blithering prat he is. I’ve never squirmed so much in my life.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh no….here we go again. Hope he hs learned a lesson from his previous dismal performance, a bleeding orang-utan could have given a better defence of the cause of nationalism than that squirming twat.

  5. Anonymous

    Griffarage to be given another "chance" to make nationalists look stupid.Here in the East Midlands they don't need Griffin for that.They can do it all by themselves,very clever they are in this area,there going to take the country back to here them talk.The ruling elite are just going to roll over play dead and let them.WHAT A BUNCH OF PUCKING FRICKS!


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