Simon "5IMon" Darby exposed.

Whilst we don’t often link to the V.N.N. forum in a positive manner, credit where due for post 1102.

“There are four main Searchlight SNITCHES on the ground and two major ones at the top. There are plenty more hovering around at ground level, but they don’t really need mentioning for now. The four are Peter Molloy, Clive Jefferson (aka Aitken), and Mark and Adam Walker. The two at the top are Simon Darby and Jim Dowson. Simon Darby has been a long-term plant in the BNP, whose aim was to get to know how the BNP worked, and what makes Nick Griffin tick. Simon Darby is (I believe) coming to the end of his career as a GRASS for the security services; 10 or so years of leading a double life must take its toll on anyone. Back in 2004 at a meeting in Birmingham, Simon Darby approached me and said he’d be interested in a firearm should I ever come across one. He regularly spoke to me about guns and the legally held ones he had while in a gun club. Like with all gun owners they were taken from him after the terrible events at Dunblane. After the meeting I rightly reported this to Nick Griffin. I’d always been suspicious of Simon Darby from the very first time of meeting him. He seemed too secretive and a bit of a mystery man I couldn’t work out. His business was not one he seemed to ever attend, nor did he have any friends who could vouch for him. On pointing this out to Griffin I got the usual response. I believe it was Simon Darby who was responsible for the silly escapade at the press conference when the Times journalist was kicked out. I also believe the Times journalist was in on the plan to cause trouble in front of the country’s media. The BNP should have just left him there unless he posed a threat or caused a visible commotion. In fact, he shouldn’t have been let in the first place, should he? But Simon the snitch thought otherwise, didn’t he? Simon Darby is responsible for the fiasco in Stoke. This was a major opportunity for the BNP in Stoke that has now been neutralised by the enemy. Is it just another coincidence Simon Darby is involved in the Stoke fiasco? Was it just another coincidence Simon Darby got ‘seig-heiled’ at a meeting he attended in Italy? Were fellow spies in Italy just waiting for the right moment to give right handed salutes as Simon Darby just entered the meeting? Searchlight’s agents then covered this in newspapers in the UK. The email below from Nick Lowles lets the cat out the bag regarding Simon Darby, after I emailed him telling him I was on to Sadie Graham being a snitch. He emailed me back very quick, asking why I believed Sadie Graham was a GRASS. Now normally I don’t get replies from Nick Lowles, but this time I received one within minutes of sending an email detailing Sadie Graham’s treachery. The first email I didn’t reply to when asked why I believed Sadie Graham was working for Searchlight. He then sends another one asking again why I believe Sadie Graham is a snitch. Now what is also interesting is his mention of Simon Darby. I believe he was getting in first, just in case I was about to UNMASK Simon Darby. Why ask me did I believe Simon Darby to be a wrong’un?

Read Nick Lowles’ email below:

Is there anyone who isn’t??

You still haven’t replied to my email asking why you thought Sadie G was?

What do you think about Simon Darby? We have begun looking at him. There are
things that he has claimed about his past which simply are not true.


on 25/10/07 8:45 PM, Joe Owens wrote:

> ***** ****** another wrongin.
> Joe Owens

Jim Dowson is another Searchlight snitch whose aim is to cripple the BNP financially. He first planned to do this at the Euro elections. But his plan backfired when fellow spy, Peter Molloy, failed to pull-off his planned demo in Liverpool on the 14 March. Once Peter Molloy had got the Everton v Stoke game moved, with the result of pissing off 30,000 Everton fans, then no campaign from Jim Dowson would ever have been able to win back support now lost by moving the Everton v Stoke game. Also, this does not include the riot planned for that day by Searchlight and its supporters. Once Peter Molloy had pulled this off then Jim Dowson would have (like he did anyway) spent, spent and spent every penny the BNP had, in the hope of bankrupting it after the Euro loss. But the BNP won (thanks to me), and the thousands of new members and support rolled in; had the BNP lost it would have been thousands walking away. However, Jim Dowson is still at his financial skulduggery to cripple the BNP, when he gets his orders to do so.

The two chinks in Nick Griffin’s armour are his ego and the lure of money. In fact if Griffin is not reined in soon, by someone with some common sense, he may well be the fool who throws it all away. Oh, and our chance of winning our country back.
“The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all.”

– John Tyndall

We at G.W. certainly don’t agree with all of Joes observations in the above post, however, he is bang on with regards to Darby, Dowson Molloy and the Walker brothers. We here at G.W. have been saying that Darby is a state operative (most likely M.I.5) for over a year now, there can be no other reason for Darbys sudden rise within the party (from relative nationalist nowhere) to the positions which he holds now.

Griffarage is no doubt aware of Darbys dubious nature and virtually untraceable work history and has been fully complicit in allowing the party to be infiltrated in such a manner, make no mistake about this fact.

Darby pictured above with Karl Foulkes (who makes sick posts on the V.N.N. forum)


34 thoughts on “Simon "5IMon" Darby exposed.

  1. Anonymous

    I don't know if any of this can ever been properly proven, but it certainly has some credence, I've noticed there are a few organisers that have had long military careers, these are also obvious candidates for employment as state operatives. Then there is of course career criminals who can be lent on, I've heard Jefferson has a criminal record, can anybody confirm this? GW please keep digging and exposing these renegade creatures!

  2. Anonymous

    It appears that Jefferson managed to get off a very serious criminal charge back in 2002, Mr 'Big' Yates-Brown received a long prison sentence, it sounds a case of the State saying: "you scratch our back Clive and we will scratch yours?" 'Clive Jefferson (also known as Aitken), 35, of Woodside Avenue, Cockermouth, Cumbria, charged with four counts of conspiracy to supply cannabis resin. Martin Yates-Brown, who owned Classic World of Fitness gyms in Darlington, Newton Aycliffe, Bishop Auckland and Crook, was giving evidence at Teesside Crown Court against six men he has admitted conspiring with to supply cannabis. Shortly after this, Yates-Brown called The Northern Echo and said a contract had been taken out on his life . When he agreed to turn Queen's Evidence, senior detectives had given him a new identity but Yates-Brown still did not feel safe. Clive Jefferson said that he had never met any of the defendants he stood accused with."I know Marty Yates-Brown because I do business with gyms in Cumbria. He has just pulled these allegations out of a hat.Half-way through the trial," during an intense cross-examination by the defence lawyer for Clive Jefferson, Martin Yates-Brown made reference to a meeting he had had with Detective Sergeant Robert Coulson, of Northumbria Police, who was heading the investigation.In light of the new evidence, the trial was discharged Clive Jefferson were found not guilty. Martin Yates-Brown started his jail term'

  3. Anonymous

    Hannam still hasn't been registered with the Electoral Commission as the National Treasurer,Reddall's name is still on their books! Somebody better tell Reddall that he is liable for any financial irregularities while he is the official treasurer, even though Dodgy Dowson and his drunken accountant Thompson, cook the books behind the scenes, Griffin could drop this chap in it?

  4. Anonymous

    Darby is the man from uncle who gave a coded warning when the party conference was filmed live on the friday of november 2008 ? on the monday when walkers trial was up in birmingham the members list was leaked ?

  5. BNP Truth

    Agreed with all of Joe Owen's and GW's excellent research and analysis.Darby is surely a wrong 'un and Griffin's continued relationship and reliance on him shows clearly that Griffin is aware of Darby's status. The fact that Griffin continues to work with him shows that Griffin is complicit in the state takeover of the BNP.JOIN THE DOTS!!It must also be pointed out that the trade union, Solidarity, which was atken over in a coup by Griffin and his dodgy co-conspirator, Patrick Harrington, also shows signs of having been turned inside out by a state-complict plot. Griffin ordered the takeover of the Union with Harrington as the leader, and was backed up by a Griffin clique of dodgy BNP affiliates and Third Way members (those of the liberal, internationalist and EU-friendly leftist organisation started up by Harrington after he and Griffin destroyed the NF.Solidarity seems to be now run by Harrington (who has a dodgy past in Ulster politics and the security services and IRA) and the Walker brothers, Adam and Mark.Adam Walker has close links with Liverpudlian suspect, Pete Molloy, who is frequently seen on Youtube and BNP media with Molloy as the cameraman and interviewer.

  6. Anonymous

    Darby appointed the dubious characters the lumbys and organisers in birmingham who broke it from a branch to groups ? anyone from oldham remember this happening there ?

  7. Nemesis

    Good work by Joe owne and the Griffinwatch team for doing the ground work in exposing these shady characters who haunt the BNP.Joe/GW, can we have some more exposing and revelations about Darby and Griffin & Co?And can you (or anyone else out there) provide any further information on Adam and Mark Walker, who work with Solidarity and Pete Molloy?Why are they suspect in relation to the BNP and have been indicated as "wrong 'uns" and possible state spies?

  8. Anonymous

    Darby always swans about without a care in the world, never looks knackered or flustered. Drives around in a posh car in his suit and never worries about having to get up early for work the next day, unlike most of us, in fact Kemp comes across very much like that as well. What kind of world to these two creatures inhabit? When either of them makes a speech, there is no real Nationalist passion or burning desire in their tones. Many Racial Nationalists over the years have put them both down as wrong'uns!

  9. Anonymous

    There is mention that Darby shared accommodation with one Carmichael and MI5 operative. This echoes the scenario back in the early 80's when Griffin shared accommodation with Michael Walker (of Scorpion fame) an MI5 operative and another, also close ties were established by this little circle and a certain Roberto Fiore who may have been allowed leave to stay in Britain in exchange for certain 'favours', so all in all Griffo is well versed in MI5 machinations!As has been mentioned, regarding the Solidarity so-called Union, placing his previous buddies in positions of influence is all rather convenient, it was Harrington who caused the resignation of the Cadre NFers because of his 'overtures' towards the jewish community, his IRA sympathies (and perhaps a little more) are well know, as regards the Third Way morons, they are indeed a nefarious grouping as evidenced by another ex-NFer Graham Williamson, a wetter blanket/liberal sop one would be hard pressed to meet under the guise of nationalist, which they can in no way be referred as. Keep up the good work GW and perhaps such collation of various tit bits may complete the jigsaw.

  10. Anonymous

    Dowson believes that Kemp is a state informant and that the leverage they use is the power to withhold further UK entry visas from his American wife.

  11. Anonymous

    Even stranger who turned up at the walker case in 2008 in birmingham ? jefferson,molloy,collett,the walkers,lumbys,bell,scott,harrington every superactivist was there from across the country the weekend after the party conference on the day the members list was leaked ? Birmingham BNP is virtually finished broken up by so called superactivists.

  12. Anonymous

    True that many of these people are dubious characters and are not particularly likeable, however, the BNP attracts misfits like a magnet due to the type of person Griffin is. I doubt MI5 would spend the time and money planting these people into a small nationalist party, they don't need to with a nutter like Griffin running the show, he can and has fucked the party up without any help from outside.

  13. Anonymous

    I've just spotted this on VNN, don't know what it's all about?"I’ve just been in touch, with some “real people” on the ground in Cockermouth, Cumbria, and not silly ill – informed one’s on here, that Mr Clive Jefferson can’t go in certain parts of Cumbria? This is due to certain people not being very happy with him? This may explain why he changed his name from Aitken to Jefferson? Now when he reads this he will know what I’m referring too. Anyone involved in drugs, past or present I can find out almost anything about them. The one good thing about having plenty of friends who are criminals is, their ability to find anyone anywhere in the country. If they haven’t personally heard of them, they know someone who has."

  14. E. N. Ronn

    "True that many of these people are dubious characters and are not particularly likeable, however, the BNP attracts misfits like a magnet due to the type of person Griffin is. I doubt MI5 would spend the time and money planting these people into a small nationalist party, they don't need to with a nutter like Griffin running the show, he can and has fucked the party up without any help from outside."That's an interesting post. Personally I suspect that 5IMon lives up to his name, but the others are precisely what the poster suggests: misfits and sociopaths attracted to Gri££o because he is one of their own.

  15. Anonymous

    are you guys going mental or what? i normaly like a look at the news on this blog but this utter shite from a guy who is only feed more shite from his bestest mate collett is damaging your reputation! ask joe why he is STILL so chummy with mark collett!!!! mi5 more like MFI

  16. Essex BNP

    I agree with the earlier poster….Darby is dodgy without doubt but Owens is showing his paranoia here banging on about Malloy and Walker Bros. And just why does Owens stay chums with the half-wit would be kiddy fiddler whio brings nothing but disgrace on the party?

  17. GriffinWatch

    Provide evidence of the above comment or it gets removed please.I am not about to let this blog descend to the level of some of the V.N.N. scumbags such as foulkes.

  18. Anonymous

    Just read what Gri££in pockets every month, why doesn't this Welsh Fagin donate any of this fortune to the BNP?"But Euro-MPs already trouser £6,750-a-month in pay as well as the sort of expenses that would make a City banker blush. The increase will come on top of the £15,447- a-month they get to pay assistants, a "general allowance" worth over £44,000 a year, and a £265-a-day "subsistence allowance" when they are at Parliament."

  19. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous said… The evedence is being collected at the moment will be on here very soon 3 March 2010 16:11"Ok the comment stays up in the meantime. We have to dot the I's and cross the T's, it's important that it's done this way.


    "a certain Roberto Fiore who may have been allowed leave to stay in Britain in exchange for certain 'favours',"pure supposition I'm afraid.Read the FC Blog and you'll see that Fiore has been TOTALLY cleared of the NAR/Bologna nonsense [so pushed by Seachlight].In the Italian courts he has been named as a victim of Bologna.He has also taken many newspapers etc. to court and won. This includes 'British' newspapers.So I would cordially invite anyone who wants to accuse him of nefarious activity to put their name to their smears so he can have the satisfaction of taking your money.As for the FC Blog – couldn't spot the original comment – but we edit comments that are BS, unsubstantiated smears, obvious trolls or foul language. A lot of fairly decent comments are deleted because they are littered with foul words.Anyone posting who cannot compose a sentence without effing and blinding has no sincere argument, because they have to reinforce their message by using language that 13 year-olds use to sound "hard".We don't have time for such childishness.

  21. EX AC member 2002-2006

    GW interviewed Nicholarse Gri££in earlier today about the alleged "£265-a-day subsistence allowance"His very own words were:Hello chaps, yes tis true old boy, you see that's not a lot these days, Brussels is bloody expensive, a cup of coffee costs 20 bleeding euros (I wish they would stop shouting at me when I offer them my BNP MASTERACECARD sterling only credit card. That's another one of that dimwit Kemp's plans gone to feck! How can we ever make serious money with a wife beater in charge of Excalibur? Note to Simon, please sort this out while I am giving great speeches in Brussels.And as you know I like the occasional case of red wine and that costs nearly 50 euros a glass, darling wife Jackie insists on me bringing home a box of Belgian all-sorted chocolates, they arent the kind of Quality Street rubbish for the plebs like the ones I used to stack in a previous life for a Welshpool supermarket, these are the real thing and coming in at nearly 100 whopping euros for a box of chocs is small price to pay to keep her indoors happy just in case she decides to give that little scrote Collett a bj while I am away and talking of blackmail I have to pay him another hundred euros a day to stop him going after 14 year old girls and dropping us all in it.That's why I am such a good value for money MEP. Now where exactly is this Cumbria place I represent? Simon is usually good on these things he has a huge collection of very detailed maps on his, so he says but you know Simon he does boast at times, internal secure government funded computer system for "your eyes only" thingy.So I reckon that at £265 I am subsidising the European Parliament at a daily rate of over a hundred euros. Hang on that cant be right, if the money isnt flowing into my pockets from the EU then I need to get Jimmy D to write another email appealing to our loyal members to dig for victory (into their pockets that is).Phew, glad I have such trusty and dependable chums like Simon and Jimmy.Your affectionately BNP Chairman and MEP for somewhere not in WalesNickerless Gri££in (hic)

  22. Anonymous

    Fiore & Gri££in are extremely dodgy, end of story!"Language school run by Italian fascist leader"· BNP leader Nick Griffin's parents do the accounts· Students from Africa and far east at London college

  23. Anonymous

    EX AC, brill very amusing. simon and jimmy are good old boys but are they mi5? i have been told jimmy boy is a top mason,is simon? its not mi5 controling the party it is the trouser leg rolled up mob and that is a FACT! the question is WHY, WHAT DO THEY WANT AND WHY?

  24. I love Mark Collett's pubes

    Nicholas Griffin has been looking in and replies to the above posters.Look you now (that's me going back to my Welsh roots), well I was born and brought up in Barnet but I am a Welshman all the same to you boyyo, so you want me to make comment about my trusted chum Simon. Well he cant be MI5 for a start. I was the one recruited while I was at Downing and none of your filthy jokes about what I was downing, I know the drill, I was well served by the housemaster during my three years of study before I was led astray by a certain predatory, dirty, lying arse bandit who turned me against my totally 100% strictly heterosexual instincts to become his lover, but he failed to inform it was a temporary arrangement. I was never really queer, you know like those poofs you see on tv; Larry Grayson, Jimmy Sommerville and Dale Winton, queers like that who make money from promoting their gayness makes me feel quite unwell, yes a little bit queer at times. Well I mean that in the strict oral sense of being queer, that means being unwell. Not that I am unwell, I dont want your dear readers to think I have a life threatening disease, blimey no, that's not true. I got a clean bill of health when I was last looked at by the GUM team at Welshpool clinic where I go once a month. Im a happily married man but my wife just goes off the rails while I am away serving the duty of the EU in Brussels most days of the week and sometimes I just need to wind down in some delightful bar in the capital of Europe where I earn my money and having sex with any of those young Arab looking boys doesnt even cross my mind. I leave that to the other lot from across the floor you see and look you again.Look you, I have four children. I can't possibly be gay. I have a collection of DIY Haynes manuals on my bookshelf and I didnt really get a degree from Cambridge, I just hung about looking hard in the student bars and got myself into the boxing team beating up at least a hundred poofy looking students.Glad we got that sorted.I'm not just hard. I'm tough. I can take on everyone here in the European Parliament building. Martin is always right behind me, something I need to discuss with him regarding being right behind me didnt really mean that close. When I can get him out of that, ouch, need to memo Simon about Martin's misunderstanding, get that Polish security bloke over here pronto.See how I drift into EU speak when I need to and return to the core values of being a lion hearted hero of the British people with such ease.Love you all and remember to send in your donations however thin or well hung they might be.Just get this fat, greasy bastard Reynolds off my back. I've taken bigger but he is just SO rude with it look you.Nicholarse (Chairman)

  25. terza posizione

    quote;Fiore & Gri££in are extremely dodgy, end of story!"Language school run by Italian fascist leader"· BNP leader Nick Griffin's parents do the accounts· Students from Africa and far east at London college—So Fiore can bar people from his business prmises can he? that would be illegal you knob!And he employed Griffin sr… as opposed to who? some heeb accountant? He probably employed him since the NF days?You are clutching at straws.If a fascist runs a business it does not make him dodgy. You have to operate in the laws of the land, which means if you run a school you cannot bar coloureds.You are a twit.Imagine the pressure he comes under from London councils, education authorities etc. etc.They would love an excuse to bankrupt his business.he and his people have been fascists from day one.They get attacked for employing fascists by the media [Guardian, Mirror, Mail etc] and put up with Zionist lies over Bologna for decades.Now you come along and parrot media B.S.Get a life

  26. GriffinWatch

    Er there are ways and means to select clientel discreetly, despite the M.S.M. smears, Fiore has damaged his own position by his own actions, connections with the masons, ie Edgar, will never endear him to thinking nationalists. You can have your say here, THAT IS A GIVEN, think on please.

  27. Anonymous

    Very strange is it not that a 'representative' from FC comments defending Fiore, no suprise when one considers he bankrolled them/ITP etc. so he who pay the piper calls the tune no doubt.As regards the comment about Fiore perhaps being given leave to stay because of 'favours' how is that inviting any libelous act? It is surely up to him to dispprove it and his handlers (if he had/has any!) won't allow that.It is common knowledge within certain quarters that FC and co-horts are majorily peeved at Griffo because he has Fiore's ear more than they now have… never mind his monetary influence!


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