Daventry B.N.P. defects to the N.F.

” Andy Gray, the East Midlands Regional Organiser of the NF is pleased to announce that the Daventry Branch of the BNP has seen sense and defected to the National Front. The reason for this is because they are allowing non-Whites join the BNP. Being true nationalists they saw that the NF was the only real racial-Nationalist party left to represent them. We would like to welcome them on board and if anyone else in the area is interested in joining them please contact Dave Jones at daventrynf@yahoo.co.uk
We are also in talks with other BNP branches in the East Midlands about coming over to the NF, I urge all members of the BNP to come over to the NF now as we are the only party left that truly represents the White people of Britain.”


It was inevitable that things like this would occur, you knew it, I knew it and Griffarage knew it also, so the next time that Griffarage bemoans the destruction of the B.N.P. and asks you to dig deep for donations, tell him no.

Griffarage is destroying the B.N.P. far more effectively than the state ever could.

In the opinion of many, that was the reason why Griffarage was parachuted into the B.N.P. in the first place.


15 thoughts on “Daventry B.N.P. defects to the N.F.

  1. Anonymous

    Ive been saying this since the leaked members list came out in november 2008 ? this was the first operation to see how many members would leave.Next was to put dickheads in as organisers and create paraniod hysteria amongst the active members by fucking everything up,eventually the bright sparks would just leave which has gone on all across the country.What set our alarm bells off we recieved some very good information about a certain member and played it close to our chest for quite some time laying traps,when we contacted the powers that be in the party we were told we were talking rubbish.BNP members if you are reading this i am still at the minute a card carrying member but 2010 is operatiuon close down the BNP the party is now full of moles run by a certain spook,these moles are making money from your donations in the process.THE REDS ARE INSIDE THE BNP AND FLEECING YOU ! GRIFFIN DONT GIVE A TOSS HE HAS GOT HIS EURO PENSION

  2. EX AC member

    Tip of the iceberg – Id expect dozens more groups to quit Gri££in's multi-racial party in next few months. That coward only has himself to blame, instead of standing up to the establishment he demonstrated he was part of that establishment. What a limp wristed money grabbing c7nt.

  3. Anonymous

    CAPTION TIMEoff the main BNP websitehttp://bnp.org.uk/2010/02/1400-raised-as-three-new-candidates-announced-in-shropshire/The one on the far left is really a portugese wine waiter for the evening.

  4. GriffinWatch

    "What set our alarm bells off we recieved some very good information about a certain member and played it close to our chest for quite some time laying traps,when we contacted the powers that be in the party we were told we were talking rubbish."We can publish details of this if you so wish?

  5. Anonymous

    Rendall is still down as the BNP's National Treasurer on the Electoral Commission files (he looks a bit retarded from the Shropshire report and photo?) Two weeks after announcing Fat Boy Think Hannam as the new National Treasurer the paperwork still hasn't been submitted to the EC.

  6. GriffinWatch

    "Anonymous said… So we all jump ship and the EC wins. Brilliant 24 February 2010 10:02"Griffin has collaborated with the E.C., he has let them win without any hint of a fight, so the question for you fella, is do you want to be in a multicultural (sic) party or not? Well, do you?I put the facts across, deal with them.

  7. Anonymous

    I put it to you fella that a multi cultural party isn't the end of the BNP, that's if any want to join. To fight the EC case would have left the BNP with no money to stand candidates in this years elections. Your solution is the end. That's a fact.

  8. noniganation@gmail.com

    I can see UK scene is little different from Australia. Splits, in-fighting, smears on our own side. ANA fights AFP who splits into APP. The key is to do what you can where you can with what you have. Parties come and go but the local foot-soldiers remain. As US friends put it: our race is our nation ORION. May that be true for your party. Press on dear friends. Let no Enemy internal or external deter you from doing what you know must be done. Steve Godfrey Aust Nat Action POBox 635 Strathpine PS 4500 Australia

  9. Anonymous

    I thought about joining the NF but I sent for an info pack and I was very disappointed. It took over a month to arrive and the literature was poor. The stuff was nearly all black and white photocopies and looked very amateurish compared to the stuff the BNP distribute.

  10. Anonymous

    Likewise I too thought of joining to NF after the big build-up it's getting. The literature was not too bad but a very amateurish DVD was included, I don't know why they did this but it was appalling.The NF needs seriously to get their act together.


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