Despite the recent publicity.

Despite the recent free publicity gifted to the party by the establishment, the main website stats. remain singularly unimpressive, why is this?

We think that the recent opening of the membership has put people off of the party.

Griffarage can cry “They can’t call us racist now” all that he likes, however this clearly isn’t working as a tactic, judging by these recent stats.

Instead of claiming some type of victory at “not being racist”, Griffarages B.N.P. should be explaining to the public why the word “racist” is falsely used by the establishment in order to foment some type of guilt of being white and standing up for your own people.

Alas Griffarage is doing the opposite, he is enforcing the nefarious use of the word racist, he is effectively and pre-medatively doing the states bidding, this much is clear.
Are the quite frankly abysmal stats. (considering all of the free publicity) a sign that this new “all inclusive B.N.P.” is turning potential voters/members away?
We think so.

9 thoughts on “Despite the recent publicity.

  1. Anonymous

    Ive been following searchlight spies closely on VNN and see now how its all coming into place ? The BNP is being wrecked from within some can see it some cant.We had our doubts about certain people a few years back and were ignored by a certain top BNP official.Those people have destroyed everything in their path but to do that they need a queen bee on the mother ship ?Joe Owens is right in what he is saying,the party will come under a major attack from within in the next few months.As for the queen bee it doesnt take a lot of working out who it is and is also making a tidy sum in the process ?

  2. GriffinWatch

    Whilst we don't agree with everything that Joes says, it is increasingly evident that the party is being destroyed from within and a lot of his research is solid work.Despite Griffarage being informed of what is going on he refuses to act, the simple reason for this is glaringly obvious, Griffarage is complicit in the continueing destruction and/or holding back of the party for his own reasons.If the party is destroyed Griffarage falls back on his M.E.P. wages/pension, if it is continually held back, as it is being, Griffarage continues his grasp on the party and members money by virtue of the party not becoming to big for him to "handle"/control.Either way he wins, which is why he does nothing about it.

  3. Anonymous

    The queen bee ?Wouldnt be the same bloke that has gone out his way to put suspicious dickhead orgnisers in charge ? the same bloke that invites known left wing trouble makeing journalists to meetings ? the same bloke that travels all the way to wellingborough for a curry and a photo with his mate ? the same bloke that has fascination with big tits ?

  4. Anonymous

    I totally agree many people I've spoken to outside the party have been saying to me that the BNP has no back bone any more, the ordinary electorate will punish Griffin for this sell out at the polls, it's will be a case of a nasty kick in the ballots come May?

  5. Anonymous

    Griffo seems not to have grasped the one fundamental fact of why the BNP garnered the support they did, it is because they were an all White organisation.As for his whining that "now no-one can accuse us of being racist" what an absolute cop out, is that the worst he's going to get, and why is he so concerned by the those who shout 'racist'? they are usually of the same type of scum best avoided in the first place.How about Griffo expanding the equal amount of energy and concern on actually making people aware that the BNP racialist as opposed to racist and then clearly state in laymans terms the difference in both terms.This would be the equivalent to us deciding to let communists/kabbalists into our organisation in the past "because we want to dispel the Nazi/Fascist argument against us".

  6. Anonymous

    In my area they have got some right numptiers for organisers,most of them being ex labour supporters and ex striking miners.Most of them bragging off they are not racist because they have picerninnies in the family.

  7. Anonymous

    IT IS IRRELEVANT if they win MPs or if their vote collapses.THEY ARE A ZIOST MULTI-CULTI PARTY.they have betrayed their principles.Socialists voted for New Labour and were shat on by a party that was for the super-rich, war and big business.If Nationalists vote/support the BNP they will be shat upon in the same manner.

  8. Anonymous

    Cllr Paul Golding has planned a series of fundraising workshops to be rolled out nationwide and knows its fundamental importance. He is to be congratulated on keeping the BNP solvent. This comment appeared on the main website – Who is going to fund it?

  9. Anonymous

    This comment appeared on the main website – Who is going to fund it?The main website has become like the mirror & the guardian basically its full of shit ! You used to get some good articles and comments on there.Everything the modern BNP is accusing our opponents of it is doing itself by constantly lying and blagging the members.Oh well not long now before my memberships expires,think i'll take a holiday to celebrate.


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