Lee John Barnes, zionist supporter and proven liar.

[QUOTE=Lee Barnes][QUOTE=Tactics][QUOTE=Lee Barnes][QUOTE=Tactics]Do you support Zionism Lee?.

Regards Sean.

[QUOTE=Lee Barnes][QUOTE=Tactics][QUOTE=Lee Barnes][QUOTE=Tactics]Hello Lee
If i ask you nicely will you take your Brimstone article that mentions invading Iran off of the main website please?.

Regards Sean[/QUOTE]

why ?[/QUOTE]

Because Iran is no pushover, more British troops will die needlessly if we are involved, and Britain being involved is not in the best interests of Britain, in my opinion.
Regards Sean.[/QUOTE]

in my opinion its best war happens now before they get the bomb and wage war on us. Better we kick the **** out of them first.

So no i wont take it down.


Yes I do support Zionism 100 %

Those that dont have to answer this question- do they really want all the Israeli Jews to come and live in the UK or the US with all their wealth and power once Iran and the rest of the Islamic loonies smash Israel ?

If you dont then you too are a zionist.

And by the way I dont give a **** about Islam or arabs or palestinians.

All I care is that the jews in Israel stay in Israel.[/QUOTE]

So are you saying that you put the interests of Israel before the interests of Britain?.[/QUOTE]

Are you a ****ing idiot ?

I am saying that it is in the best interests of the UK that Israel exists and that it is not destroyed and taken over by islamic loonies as that way we dont have 6 miilion jewish refugess heading here. Its a pity that you cannot drop the anti-semetic *** hating ****e and start applying logic to the issue instead of spouting retarded bull****e.

And the next time you even dare mention such utter ****e as ” So are you saying that you put the interests of Israel before the interests of Britain ” then me and you will have a real ****ing problem.

Dont push it sean.

Final ****ing warning.[/QUOTE]
Private messages from the B.N.P. forum reveal Lee John Barnes true motives and threatening behavior (towards a former B.N.P. Official= ie Sean Hadley, the former Scunthorpe Organiser), a typical Griffinite C.U.N.T., one might say.
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Reactions: “

“Yes I do support Zionism 100 %”


So Lee has admitted that he supports Zionism a 100%

Yet on his blog he is saying that he is against zionism:


He says that “Loyalty to Zionism is treason to Britain” which it is.

I put it to you Lee John Barnes, that you are a liar and a self admitted 100% zionist supporter who is paid money by Griffarages B.N.P. for his zionist support.

Lee, you refuse to answer questions about why Sophie Davis is claiming your expenses from the B.N.P. as has been proved and that you have twice threatened G.W. members which has also been proved.

So here is a challenge to you Lee, we are accusing you of online threats and fraudulently receiving funds from the B.N.P., HOW DO YOU PLEAD?

Should we need to take this to a court of law, well that can be easily arranged, in the meantime you are being given every chance to prove your innocence online before nationalists, which matters most to us.




Bye hook or by crook, by court of law or by online exposing, the traitors to Britain will be exposed, it really is as simple as that.


18 thoughts on “Lee John Barnes, zionist supporter and proven liar.

  1. Essex BNP

    It doesnt prove the Great Bearded One is a zionist, it just proves he is a deranged nutter with shifting and inconsistent views, he also has a massive chip on his shoulder, and is someone who is very dangerous for the BNP to have around in any capacity. To have him in the role of legal director when he knows next to nothing about the law as it is, as opposed to the law he would like it to be is not just dangerous but harmful.Ignore him Sean, he is a lunatic.

  2. BNP and proud

    Essex BNP is correct. Barnes is nothing but a self contradicting prat. His only voice is his shitty blog full of plagirised articles tedious in the extreme and embarrassing for us true paid up members who get out and do something for local candidates. Best way to deal with this loon is blank him totally.

  3. Anonymous

    Lee Barnes is a mug, what's that about if there wasn't an Israel then those jews would be in Britain or the US? What a moron, the REAL jewish power brokers are in Washington/NY (the Labour Cabinet…and the shadow!).The jews in Israel are EXPENDABLE to the Ashkhenazim (the Kabbalist who hide behind the term zionist).As for Iran, it is of utmost importance that we do not see the demise of Ahmedinejad (nor to actually take up arms against him).Iran is the only nation on earth who have the power to face ZOG head on, ZOG cannot break them economically (as they did in Japan, and a lesser degree to Argentina) so they aim to have us stupid goyim do their bidding for them.As regards using British force of arms, would it not make sense to any such 'political theorist' to pull our boys out of the North West Frontier, build links with Iran and concentrate our minds to the situation in the Falklands?

  4. Nemesis

    Ano saidLee Barnes is a mug, what's that about if there wasn't an Israel then those jews would be in Britain or the US? What a moron, the REAL jewish power brokers are in Washington/NY (the Labour Cabinet…and the shadow!).Spot on, excellent analysis.The more powerful Zionists are indeed in Washington/New York, London, Berlin etc, both the Zionist Jews and the non-Jewish Zionsist of Christian, liberal or atheist persuasion.As Ano corretcly observes we need to build alliances with counties like Iran who are nationalistic and opposing the might of Zionism. Iran may yet end up as little Serbia did, crushed beneath the jackboots of Zionism and globalism, supporting Muslim terroristsb against a nationalist white Christian government.As for GW, you're doin nothing but a brilliant job in exposing Griffin's idiots and con-men. Without this cabal of self-inteerstd idiots around him Griffin would not be able to have succeeded as far as he could.It is vital work that you're doing GW. As GW exposes the cabal around Griffin, so Griffin himnself will be isolated and exposed.It's essential work that you're doing GW – keep it up, we're right behind you.

  5. Anonymous

    All this sounds very interesting! Good Luck to these Racial patriots"BBC Yorkshire – The Politics Show on Sunday Feb 21st which is be aired at 12 noon features an interview with Tom Linden, NF Press and Publicity Officer and also with Steve Smith, NF Burnley Organiser. On Friday 19th Feb, Radio Leeds broadcast hourly news bulletins throughout the day mentioning the increasing number of patriots leaving the BNP and coming over to the racial-nationalist National Front. The Politics Show will be available nationally on BBC iPlayer one hour after its transmission."

  6. Anonymous

    Yes Darby you state plant traitor , we are very different from you and your Rag head chum!!!!!National Front joins fight for MP's Stoke seatBut Mr Darby said he believed fighting a NF candidate will help his and the BNP's campaign.He added: "We're always being accused of being the National Front in disguise, but now people will be able to see that we are two totally different parties with different policies."http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/news/National-joins-fight-MP-s-seat/article-1848806-detail/article.html

  7. Anonymous

    This utter nonsense has just been posted on the BNP's main website, I strongly disagree I think the electorate will punish Griffin and his clowns for capitulating with the Equality Commission at the General Election, if Griffin decides to stands non-White candidates the campaign will be a complete flop and membership will plummet."In 2005 when the British National Party fought 119 seats at the last General Election and polled 192,746, the odds for the BNP winning a seat was a whopping 500-1.Today it’s a very different story with the leading bookmakers – Victor Chandler, Paddy Power, William Hill and Ladbrokes all clipping the BNP’s odds to just 3-1. Paddy Power also offers odds on the number of votes the BNP are likely to receive in the next General Election, with a cautious 9-4 for the Party polling over 500,000 – two and a half times what the Party achieved five years ago."

  8. Anonymous

    Yet another shit vote we got last night, I'm sure the electorate don't like our new soft stance with ethnics, we should have stuck to our core ideology, things aren't looking good for the General Election at this rate?"LABOUR convincingly held Fazakerley in a by-election last night, while the British National Party (BNP) lost a significant number of votes on their previous showing in the ward."BNP spokesperson, Steven Greenhalgh, said: “We’re slightly disappointed but we got a clear third place.“We’ve only stood three times in Fazakerley before and have worked hard over the last four to five weeks.“Unfortunately, the vote did not go our way this time, Labour won the battle.”http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2010/02/19/labour-hold-seat-in-liverpool-as-bnp-vote-slumps-in-fazakerley-92534-25868680/

  9. Anonymous

    I want to know what Lee Barnes' actual role is and what he get paid for. Anything legal and it appears to go to somebody outside the party. We can all get legal books and look up things ourselves so if he is being paid exactly what is he being paid for. Arthur Kemp appears to have been given a back seat. At one time he was on the site everyday.


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