Exposing Griffarages Scumbag supporters, a work in progress.

Whilst Lee Buckley is in hospital, recovering from his attack, we have Tommy Williams who runs the C.U.N.T. blog trying to use this racist attack, as a weapon to attack the National Front.



Shame on you williams as expected, you are a previously exposed scumbag and definately not a white nationalist anyway and shame on X.I. also, you should know better than to embarress us by associating with scum like williams, you are bringing your party into disrepute and are damaging R.W.s good work.

For those who don’t already know, Dave “the coward” Howard and Tommy “clubfoot/scumbag” Williams are infiltators who’s sole purpose are to make nationalists look bad. Both work with the Lancaster unity blog


One thought on “Exposing Griffarages Scumbag supporters, a work in progress.

  1. Anonymous

    Have them two headed to Sheffield to show people how hard they are? NO WAY. They only threaten nationalists.They threaten Eddy M, but has he ever done what they asians did to that white lad?I will pledge their bus fare to oldham


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