So it begins. UPDATED.

They got this page up rather quickly didn’t they?

Perhaps Griffarage will now step down and let Rajinder Singh take the helm?

The link above has now been “pulled”, why do they bother when we have screenshots of the pages?


11 thoughts on “So it begins. UPDATED.

  1. Anonymous

    Gri££in used all his false charm, deception and lies to con the idiots and sycophants into voting for him. Just a few chaps voted against. There should have been more committed members there to vote against this treachery. Anyhow it's all finished now, we have lost it for good, we will never rid ourselves of this creature. Under the new constitution there is a rule that Gri££in can change any part of the text in the future without the need to consult the membership, the prats at Elm Park today fell for it hook, line and sinker. Shit vermin was interviewed by Sky News coming out of the EGM saying thinks like: "I've got two mixed raced grandchildren, this is a good thing for the party."

  2. Anonymous

    I don't ever remember JT saying this, Richard should have kept quiet at the EGM, it just gave Gri££in's false argument and lies more substance."During the meeting, veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds stood up and read a piece of writing from party founder John Tyndall which said that if the law was ever changed, the BNP would amend its membership criteria to comply with the law. This, Mr Edmonds said, was why he was voting in favour of the new constitution."

  3. Anonymous

    When will the plebs in the party wake up to? Looks like another £5,000 down the drain.British National Party accounts investigated by Electoral Commissionby Fiona Hamilton, London Correspondent, Times 13:2:210 The British National Party’s financial accounts are under investigation by the Electoral Commission over an alleged breach of the law.The commission said yesterday there were a “number of concerns” and that the far-right party’s latest accounts were “under review”. The investigation concerns a suspected breach of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act, which requires all party treasurers to file full and accurate accounts each year.The revelations come as Margaret Hodge, the Labour incumbent in Barking, East London, has threatened the party with legal action over campaign material. And the moves cast doubt on the credibility of the BNP at a time when Nick Griffin, its leader, is trying to persuade voters that he is a serious alternative to mainstream politicians at the general election.The BNP has already been fined over its failure to produce its accounts on time and was recently exposed for exaggerating its spending during last year’s European elections.It is also facing court action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission over its policy of excluding ethnic minorities from membership. Its membership meets tomorrow to discuss changes to its constitution.The commission’s investigation relates to accounts for 2008, which the BNP filed six months late. The party was asked to provide more information last month but it is understood that the extra information was unsatisfactory and the party has still failed to meet the requirements of the Act.Penalties for giving inaccurate or incomplete informationinclude prosecution, with a maximum penalty of a £5,000 or one year imprisonment.John Walker, a BNP spokesman, said: “We’re not the only party to have problems with finances.”

  4. Anonymous

    Today at the EGM, Griffin slaged off young Kieran, the decent lad off the Channel 4 documentary and called him an idiot and the crowd of imbeciles roared with laughter! How dare they insult that brave young man.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Latest from the n***** loving traitors on British Nationalist blog "BNP Members Vote Yes at EGM February 14th, 2010 300 of the BNP membership voted yes to constitutional amendments allowing ethnic minorities to join the party. Good. As for the opponents, they’re now trying to claim that the motion couldn’t have been carried because thousands of members did not vote. It was a party-wide ballot; they knew where the EGM was to be held. Claiming that Northern members couldn’t get down to the south is laughable, if it was held in the North, how would the Southern members attend?" 14 February 2010 22:58

  6. Anonymous

    It saddens me to say, but Richard Edmonds has been neutred by Nicko and has adopted the art of spin, but to use JT to remove responsibility f or his own personal sell-out shows that he is nothing but a low-life scumbag…but this is what comes of hanging about with the likes of Nicko and David Irving too much!

  7. GriffinWatch

    Right or wrong on this subject we aren't providing a link to that scumbag blog, it's white nationalists such as us that are exposing Griffarages lies. It's unfortunate that they use our research for their own twisted ends, as they clearly have been doing, however there is absolutely nothing that we can do about that.


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