Exposing Griffarages scumbag supporters.

(Kenny pictured above is one of the good guys)
Ok lads here are your 5 minutes of infamy.

Here is the pathetic attempt at blackening G.W. team members names.
The G.W. team has nothing to fear from your pathetic smear blog, hence we are providing your link here:


Griffinwatchers feel free to look at the abuse that we here receive for doing the right thing and exposing the real scum within our movement.

You will of course see in the above linked blog that there are no proof links provided, as we provide to you, merely sick smears from clearly sick people.

Has Sean issued death threats to the exposinghadley blog?, of course he hasn’t, Sean doesn’t issue threats online, that would be a pathetic thing to do seeing as everything online is traceable, Sean isn’t stupid. Will the exposinghadley blog provide a crime number to their viewers for these supposed death threats issued?, No of course they won’t, because they are lying.

This blog, run by Griffarages cronies, highlights the exact reasons why Griffarage must be expunged from the movement forever, just like his supporters, he will lie to you at every given opportunity, to cement his position and ultimately to extract money from you for his own personal gain, vote the bastard out at the E.G.M. or he will extract the urine from you forever and a day.

We have provided the members with all of the ammunition that you need, it’s up to you now. G.W. can do little more.

For the record, G.W. would be more than happy to work with Kenny and his team, racial nationalists united is clearly the way forward for us.

8 thoughts on “Exposing Griffarages scumbag supporters.

  1. sleeping satellite

    The threats dont scare me,if this is the way the BNP treats former members,clued up members,switched on members,members who have a voice and a brain then god help the rest of society should the party in its current state ever come to power!

  2. Boris Karloff

    Kenny is a really decent guy, a credit to nationalism. The BNP lost a diamond when scumbag Gri££in 'purged' him. How much longer will the dupes in the party put up with him? Scum like Darby, Barnes and Collett etc are leeches.

  3. Anonymous

    it would appear that EX-BNP BRING THE TRUTH are quite keep to follow in the footsteps of GW and NWN by copying articles from GW. Are you aware of this GW? And still no comments on their site (nor do they publish any). Mmmmmmmm?!?

  4. Anonymous

    If anyone doubts this, please feel free to contact Gary Raikes, the excellent leader in Scotland.ABOVE FROM THEIR BLOG LOLBELOW FROM STORMFRONT:The Gary Raikes mentioned in the above Sunday Herald article is this charming fellow.Old sayings are often proved to be accurate and none more so than “When you start getting flak it means you are over the target”!Personal abusive verbal attacks have been launched against myself and others since the beginning of the year, these have increased in intensity in recent weeks as the success of the newly restructured BNP Scotland has become apparent to the leftist reds, political naive and even the terminally stupid elements of the nationalist community. The latter shooting themselves in the foot with their revelation via crank inter-net sites that I was once engaged to a black girl!Yes that’s right I am now being attacked by our enemies for being non-racist!Oh how the liberal left must be choking on their corn-flakes, well just before you take another mouthful you may be interested to know that I also have had many black friends I lived with an Asian and once dated a Chinese girl, one of my best friends was gay (he sadly died in the 90’s).As a youngster I was in the St.Johns ambulance brigade and the Army Cadet Force but never suffered the urge to don a German uniform!The only thing I am ashamed of and I better say it now before I am outed, is the fact that I voted and supported the Labour party, I am after all, dare I say…working class!I was born and lived on a council housing estate, I spent years on the 20th floor of a tower block in the east end of London, a remote fishing village, a busy town and a croft miles from anywhere. At various times I have lived and worked in city, town and village across England, Wales and the last twenty years Scotland, I have witnessed the very best and the very worst that Britain has to offer, I have made friends of all colours, race, creeds and religions, rich and poor, in short I have spent my life living in the real world how many of today’s politicians can honestly say that?Gary RaikesBNP Scottish Secretaryhttp://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?p=7490376&post7490376

  5. Nemesis

    Keep up the good work GW.You have clearly upset these scumbags running the BNP as you have hit the target.What you have been saying since the inception of this blog is undoubtedly the truth and has exposed the lies, machinations and corruption of Griffin and his cohorts.So much that so it's having an effect and the only way that Griffin can answrr is by the lowest tactic of all – that of smears, lies and innuendos.Griffin drips poison whereever he goes and he cannot tolerate any dissent or the truth. Like a vampire who cannot face the sunlight, Griffin is blinded by the truth and hides from it. Only at night can the nocturnal demon stalk the internet running terrible blogs and disinformation to attack and smear those brave enough to oppose him.His attack dogs like the state asset Williamson and his CUNTS, the ex-South African intelligence asset Arthur Kemp and Lance Stewart and the traitor Lee Barnes work for him to try and bring down the integrity and honest work of those who question their leader and master.They're all a disgrace.They cannot face the truth.They are pimps to darkness.Just keep on working GW to expose them to the truth.Our day will come.


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