Exposing Griffarages cronies, The Mask drops. Lee John Barnes.

It’s a pity that we are forced into such posts, seeing as Barnes review of the Avatar film was pretty much spot on.
After being questioned at least twice by myself, over the money that Lee John Barnes receives from the party, he deems it fit not to answer (a sure sign of guilt), regular viewers of this blog will know full well how much Barnes has received in the past due to the leaked acounts list, that is detailed elswhere on this blog. Over £10,000 if my memory serves me correctly.
That huge amount of MEMBERS MONEY, paid to Lee (for services presumably) cannot be justified for legal advice, seeing as Barnes isn’t qualified as a solicitor, which begs the question, what is Lee really being paid for? Silence? Servitude?
Whatever the reason it isn’t being publically acknowledged, financial transparency in Griffarages B.N.P.?
You are having a long necked herbivore surely?

“The time has come for the British Nationalist movement to end its decades of infighting and simply do one thing – organise your own people and stop attacking each other.”


(feel free to look at all of the comments in the above post, Barnes allows questions but not questions about the money that he receives)

Barnes hints at unity in his post, unity is dependant on trust, how can you trust anyone who has vested financial interests, as has been proven?

Our Country is in the state that it is in exactly because people in positions abuse said positions for financial gain, M.P.s or indeed B.N.P. related people anyone?

Lee John Barnes, you have dropped your own mask.

10 thoughts on “Exposing Griffarages cronies, The Mask drops. Lee John Barnes.

  1. Anonymous

    Good work GW. We need to analyse and dissect not just the ARCH-TRAITOR Griffin in this sad sorrowful mess that the BNP find themselve sin, but also those closest to him, who provide Griffin with the means and the power that keeps him in power.Barnes is one of Griffin's trusted (if there is ANYONE that Griffin actually trusts) and Barnes provides a mouthpiece and a propaganda platform for Griffin and his Zionist claptrap.Barnes must be exposed for the sallow traitor that he undoubtedly is as he gives succour to the corruption that is now endemic within the BNP.Barnes is one of the INNER TRAIORS that he rails against on his own blog.He speaks about freedom of speech and liberty yet he conducts a platform of NO CRITICISM or any sign of DISUNITY against either the BNP or himselfon his blog.He was the ARCH-CENSOR some eyars ago when he tried to impose his dictatorial will over the once open BNP forum by banning members (many of them long-standing and loyal members) from speaking out against fundamental issues in the BNP.He is a typical FASCIST and unworthy of calling himslef a BRITISH NATIONALIST.So Barnes – HOW MUCH HAVE YOU ACTUALLY RECEIVED FROM GRIFFIN AND THE BNP FOR YOUR SERVICES?

  2. E. N. Ronn

    OMG, is even Gri££in stupid enough to pay that pathetic loser money for his "legal advice"?My mother's pet cat could give better advice than Bonkers Bagel the Bogus Barrister.

  3. Nemesis

    Griffin Watch said,"We will be working through Griffarages cronies one by one, this will be the first of many posts on the subject of cronyism within Griffarages B.N.P."Excellent. All genuine British Nationalist who just want the best for the BNP and who want to return their beloved party back to the membership under a genuine nationalist leader with a democratic constitution will welcome your efforts at investigating and exposing Griffin's cronies.These rats may be able to run – but they can't hide.As they said about Al Capone (a mobster whose corrupt credentials nearly equal those of Griffin and his Mafia mob, "They'll always get you on the money".

  4. South East BNP member

    He's on benefits – if he's received £10,000, they should be told.Dont worry, I have been on that case for a while. They (DWP) dont act very quickly, perhaps he is yet another protected species?? If he is being paid for legal services I will be writing to Mr Griffin asking for my membership subs back as I know LJB is not a lawyer, a ranting nutter with a big ego and big mouth and not a lawyer.

  5. Anonymous

    How about dissecting one Clive Jefferson? He has an "interesting" past so the grapevine says but some hard facts would be helpful. How can you get a criminal record check carried out on any individual?


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