Griffarage, the Grauniad and the states involvement in Nationalism.

Taken from our comments section:

Further evidence of the subtle link that exists between the state and the Griffin-led BNP.

The ‘free speech’ trial of 2006 was a con, as some nationalist commentators surmised, designed to give Griffin the publicity he wanted in exchange for the state being seen to ‘fairly’ to clamp down on hate espoused by extremist Muslim clerics.


There has always been a very subtle and barely visible current existing betwen the machinations of the state and the freedom of manouvre given to Griffin by the state. There does seem to exist some symbiosis that allows the two to co-exist quite easily, as long as Griffin abides by the limits imposed on him by the state (no doubt well oiled by an unwillingness by the state to investigate or prosecute Griffin for his corruption).

The fact that the BNP is now a Zionist anti-Jihadist movement that has embraced both Israel and the neo-con agenda and is now steadily becoming a multicultural party shows how far this process of political osmosis has gone.

The state and its agents must be laughing at the stupidity and (misguided) loyalty of the BNP membership as they witness the extent to which its pliable membership has accepted an agenda wholly opposed to nationalism’s fundamentals without sparking off a massive internal revolt.”

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An excellent comment fella.

13 thoughts on “Griffarage, the Grauniad and the states involvement in Nationalism.

  1. Anonymous

    Left-winger Starmer is the new head of the CPS, he is a real red, why does he want to withhold info about Gri££in? Very odd indeed."Mr Starmer has a history of left-wing activism. As a student he edited a publication called Socialist Alternatives." "Keir Starmer, who was made a QC in March, was also there from Doughty Street Chambers, the powerhouse of the liberal legal establishment. Starmer famously represented the McLibel Two in a 315-day trial against the fast food giant. He also acts for renegade MI5 officer David Shayler, whose trial in October will challenge the very heart of the British establishment, the Security Service itself."

  2. Anonymous

    Well put Mr Potter, you have described Griffin in a nut shell. Griffin will be given a easy time in the run up to the General Election, but I still can't see this State created/controlled creature being elected to Parliament, he'll use these next few months to try and get more money from the poor membership and then talk about 'electoral fraud' to blame away his gross deficiencies?

  3. sleeping satellite

    Griffin is the pied piper of nationalism leading the BNP membership into dirty water on the river.The shepple membership seem to have an attitude of well if its come from nick then it must be ok ! Bollocks wake up you thick bastards before i became inactive we had almost a full slate to stand in this years general and local elections now we have none ! Where are the phone calls from head office to what is going on ? There are none ! why ? because this is what they want to break the party down from inside ask any good former active member from oldham,leeds,bradford,burnely,keighley,croydon,birmingham etc the list is endless.With a million votes in the euro election the establishment got a bit scared and moved to plan B where the BNP is concerned and their agents inside the BNP were told to act and act fast to reduce the party to rubble.

  4. Anonymous

    I think there is a lot of odd things still to come out about Griffin's Rune trail and what went on behind the scenes, I hope the Guardian newspaper can reveal more?. I've just been speaking to a very respected Racial Nationalist who was involved with the RUNE magazine for a while, he stated:"I believe the Rune magazine was set up as a vehicle to help Nick Griffin get John Tyndall's attention and thence take over Spearhead""The Rune trial was just a means of making Griffin a hero, or at least getting the members' attention so he could eventually challenge JT."

  5. Anonymous

    Sleeping Satellite, you are correct a lot of solid decent hardworking Nationalists have left or been kicked out. I've just been looking at the latest issue of ID magazine, it's all glitz and large photos but no real content, most of the article's authors I've never heard of before, I suppose they are all the new liberal types that have recently joined. If Griffin gets he way at the EGM expect a whole lot more of these types to join including White race mixers!

  6. Anonymous

    The EDL is run by the Jews, I wonder with other pseudo Nationalist pressure valve party also is? "However, her abrasive nature is not to everyone’s taste in the EDL. One person in particular who has had numerous clashes with her is Matthew Kaplan, a Jewish student from Seattle who is studying history at King’s College, London.Kaplan is the paid EDL publications coordinator, responsible for leaflets and press releases. He has been seen at several EDL demonstrations complete with Israeli flag. He has clashed on several occasions on the official EDL Facebook group with Leisha Brookes and her supporters for a number of reasons, mainly because he is an American.Brookes has declared that she doesn’t trust him and accused him of working for the police. Kaplan revealed that Brookes and her colleagues threatened to attack him if he turned up at the Nottingham EDL event on 5 December."

  7. Rodent

    All of this seems to be like a Jigsaw puzzle with the more pieces being placed the more the true picture emerges.From the late 1990's there were a couple of documentary's such as the Cook report and Panorama which boosted Gri££in's image among the right wing placing him as a potential future leader. The rest is history.This has been a cleverly concocted plan to place Gri££in at the head of the BNP and then to destroy it from within. Gri££in has friends in high places and it has been a case of you scratch our backs and we will scratch yours. Gri££in has done his masters bidding and in turn has been thrown crumbs from their table.

  8. Anonymous

    Gri££in said this yesterday at the National Organisers' Conference, he is blaming the snow, what snow? It's yet another Griffin f**k up and yet more money in the lawyers pockets! Incidentally Gri££in it's the EHRC not the CRE anymore.“The relevant sections of the constitution are being sent to court this week and we are asking for a short adjournment on account of the disruption to meetings with lawyers caused by the record snowfalls. I’m hopeful that this will be accepted by the court. The CRE have waited 28 years for this so I’m certain that another fortnight won’t make any difference.”

  9. Anonymous

    Does anybody know what is the real date of the EGM, Feb 14th or Jan 31st? Certainly Griffin and his idiots don't. Or may be the are deliberately trying to deceive us?

  10. Anonymous

    RodentYou have hit the nail on the head and it is spot on.We estimate 75% of our group membership will not be renewing this year over the way our organiser was treated and spoken to,who worked hard from scratch for a good few years to get our group where it needed to be.GOODNIGHT BNP AND BON VOYAGE.

  11. Anonymous

    I have just been informed by a 100% reliable source that Mr G and Mr D are parting company BEFORE the election as Mr D has a pile of cash ridding on a golf developement that is going pear shaped. so this will be interesting , no doubt the state will provide another 'GURU' for N J G.


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