10 thoughts on “Remember Al Capone?

  1. Anonymous

    Was thinking this yesterday,the scene from goodfella's when they are all rounded up.Griffin would never use the party as a money laundering operation for dowson would he ?

  2. Anonymous

    Going back to darby et el.If he is state then he has a lot of operatives working in the party.A few years back i was introduced to a new member from our region at RWB,I wont say too much but later on i bumped into this person when everyone had,had a good drink.This person mentioned something about me and the alarm bells went off.This person was quite pissed but what they said no one in the party knew not even my family know the full story.a lot of people since have had serious doubts about this person.

  3. Anonymous

    Idiotic and misguided article has appeared on the BNP website : "The Right of Nations" in support of Israel. Griffin is still trying to suck up to them. The article has no author.

  4. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous said… Why has the press not making publicity out of the leaked accounts like they did with the leaked membership list? Are they aware of this scandal? 14 January 2010 08:47"Yes the M.S.M. (press) have been on and do view G.W., we have been saying for some time now that Griffarage is being protected by the "establishment", it appears that we may be correct.

  5. Anonymous

    Re the accounts. What happened to the money that was raised when they had online auctions including the pictures that were going for £250 plus. That suddenly stopped I wonder why. Members were asked then if they had anything of value to auction for the BNP funds. A thorough investigation is needed.


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