Naturalist, Angler and wait for it……… Proven Liar.

As the fall out from the leaked accounts continues, we notice that Simon “Quids In” Darby has disabled the comments section on his rather dreary blog.

We wonder why that could be……………….


10 thoughts on “Naturalist, Angler and wait for it……… Proven Liar.

  1. Anonymous

    One thing that's always puzzled me… how does someone who's never had a proper job afford 4 kids and a detached house in the Welsh countryside?by infiltrating a nationalist political party and turning it into a ponsi pyramid scheme for his own financial gain.the wheels are about to fall off for griffin and darby.

  2. Anonymous

    Wherever he tries to stand as another one of those traitorous lying MP'S i will organise a mass leaflet drop telling people about his incapacity to do absolutely anything of any value.The leaflets will be glossy and full of all those little suprises!

  3. Ex BNP and still proud

    Darby is State – thats obvious.Doubt that?OK you doubters ponder on this…….when did you last see Darby buy a drink, drink a drink, stay for refreshments, get in a round at ANY BNP gathering, ever?He doesnt do stay overs!He doesnt do small talk at the bar, in fact he has probably already scarpered in his bid to avoid getting too familair with anyone.Darby is the State worm and Griffin does his master's bidding.

  4. Anonymous

    Just see this on the party's website, will Griffin be arriving wearing a trilby and carrying a violin case?EGM put back to Sunday 14th FebruaryANOUNCEMENT:Due to factors outside of our control, the scheduled EGM which was due to take place on January 31st has been postponed until Sunday 14th February.The EGM will now take place in the south of England.The new revised BNP Constitution will be dispatched to all members 2 weeks prior to the EGM date.Will Party officials please make sure that the news of the postponement is circulated amongst the membership.Further details will be released nearer the time.

  5. Anonymous

    It's odd that the EGM has been changed at such short notice, it sounds like another cock up, at least it gives us a bit of breathing space. Griffin is back in court on Thursday Jan 28th, I wonder what the Judge will say? Being held in the South of England will be inconvenient for many people up North, the EGM should be held in the Midlands?


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