The pressure mounts on Griffarage and his cronies.

” I have it on good authority that 3 very senior members of staff are of the opinion that Griffin must now be removed as leader.”

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10 thoughts on “The pressure mounts on Griffarage and his cronies.

  1. sleeping satellite

    For a long time the party has been an inner circle of people skimming us the members of our money,look at when griffin got onto the european parliment the same inner circle were just shuffled around and the party went into meltdown as no one knew what they were doing,its just a cliche of jobs for the boys. The party even had the cheek to advertise for staff in the run up for the euro's knowing full well dowson was to operate the call centre from belfast employing a bunch of useful idiots who knew nothing about the party and probably even hate it ! And now we see this same inner circle cherry picking what seats they want for the general election as they can see the cash of troughminster looming. The party has become a complete laughing stock and at the moment i am embarrased to hold membership in a corrupt sleazy snake pit run by griffin.I support the 3 senior members and they will get my full support because enough is now really enough as the party is being taken back to the stone age under griffin and the members must act before its too late.

  2. Anonymous

    An earlier posting said they had heard Griffin's chum Forte on the radio yesterday. I heard the same phone in programme, Forte who is a career criminal sated that : " The BNP must be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century and accept ethnic minorities, they are some ethnics I would be very proud and standing shoulder to shoulder with." I bet any money that this Griffinite scumbag will be speaking out at the EGM?

  3. Anonymous

    On the BNP website there is a false report from the Southwark branch meeting, there was 14 people there and during the Q&A session people didn't mention anything about Housing or the War, people were asking about the Jews that run Britain and the sell out of Griffin letting Blacks in the party. Talk about Stalinist censorship."informal gathering of 25 people""In the extended Q&A session following the speech, both Mr Strudwick and Mr Tyler dealt with a wide range of issues including election strategy, housing policy and the Afghanistan war."

  4. Anonymous

    This was one of the funniest pieces about Griffin the fraud I have ever read on another part of this blog. Funny but entirely true. Anonymous said… I must protest at the earlier labeling of Mr Griffin's Question Time performance as 'dismal'. Far from it. Our Nick proved just how sharp his mind is – what an intellekchewal. He'd obviously fine tuned before the event and his calculated cosying up to Bonnie Greer to wrong foot those nasty liberals was the highlight of the programme – is there something going on between those two? Bonnie's overt rejection of his advances suggests that maybe there is. The simple fact is that Nick (man of the people) Griffin was bullied by the nasty establishment. He was set up, it wasn't fair, he wasn't allowed to get a word in, the audience was carefully selected to be nasty to him, Jack Straw and David Dimbleby were unkind, sob, sob, bwaaa bwaaa bwaaa. What a tongue tied whingeing pussy – even the single digit IQ Saweeda Warsi had him quivering in his (no doubt shit-stained)boots. Don't it make you feel proud?

  5. Anonymous

    Those three officials must be reds, special branch, moles or thieves or all of the above.Does that sound familiar? Anyone who disagrees with Griffin in some way is always labelled as one of the above.And as you know he has fallen out with a lot of good people over the years.He is always right, they are always wrong.He is the boss, it's very much nick Griffin's party. Those up his arse say so to the papers.We are just the mugs who put him there.


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