It’s snowing now in Scunthorpe.

It’s 01:28 now, The pure white snow is falling, it’s as if nature is giving the middle finger to the climate change fantasists et al.

A sign for 2010?
Let’s hope so.

3 thoughts on “It’s snowing now in Scunthorpe.

  1. Anonymous

    The CC scammers have stopped using the term Global Warming and now prefer the catch all/mean anything Climate Change. Apparently there are more polar bears than ever and the ice is thicker than ever. It's all about parting people from their hard earned dosh to go into the lazy Zionist swines' bank accounts and those of their bought and paid for political puppets and lackeys. All tax is theft, even income tax. We need to stop playing their evil game of working for them instead of for ourselves. It's costing lives and jobs and it has to end.

  2. Anonymous

    This is very interesting video, fake Al-Qaeda members, the Jews are masters at manufacturing dissent and creating intrigue, it doesn't take much of a jump to creating bogus, bogey far-right leaders as pressure valves, especially people susceptible to bribes, with flawed personalities, step forward Mr GRI££IN? To Gri££in this is all a big game!


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