Griffarage rubbing shoulders with traitors, some things never change.

If ever there was someone with bad judgement, then this picture surely highlights it.


7 thoughts on “Griffarage rubbing shoulders with traitors, some things never change.

  1. Anonymous

    Gri££in's judgement has always been incredibly poor, as a party leader he has made one to many cocks ups, 'fundamentally errors in his analysis,' 'childish stunts,' 'ridiculous statements,' 'nonsense written in begging letters,' 'gross hypocrisy,' 'putting people in jobs that they were not up to or were completely incompetent,' 'associating with convicted criminal scum,' 'treacherous u turns,' 'misappropriation of party funds' the list of errors is endless. Unfortunately many of the BNP members didn't comprehend what was going on, they had blinkered vision and too much faith in a very flawed individual. Now that the party is crumbling before our very eyes, will they finally wake up?

  2. Anonymous

    This is latest from Darby's blog, I didn't know Griffin had passed away? It's a pity Darby never jumped in as well? All sounds fishy to me!"Saw my closest fishing mate's ashes scattered into an angry looking North Sea today. At the time I thought this a rather odd idea but now I understand."

  3. Anonymous

    This is absolutely appalling, on Darby's blog he listed 153 Followers, two are Negroids (Corve and Simon) another is a Mongoloid (Equalist.) GW can you please expose this race traitor Griffinite bastard? The Followers section is at the bottom right of Darby's blog page. You can clearly see the photos of this ethnic trio!!!!!

  4. GriffinWatch

    "will they finally wake up?"We are trying our best with what we have to wake them up, as always, time will tell. I haven't given up on the BNP yet. (it gets more difficult with each passing day)


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