That Barking Billboard.

Now you know why Griffarage wants foreigners in the party (look at the electoral make up of B.&D.), to get himself elected in Barking and Dagenham as an M.P.

A very cynical and self-serving plot launched by Griffarage and his helpful idiots.
If ever it was evident that Griffarage is in politics for his own personal gain, then this shows it.


22 thoughts on “That Barking Billboard.

  1. Anonymous

    When Barnbrrok spoke at the Croydon branch meeting last Wednesday, he said : "We need you out every weekend to help us in Barking, we only have 4 activists in our borough." It was evident in his voice that he wasn't happy with Gri££in standing there in the general election. It will be interesting to see what result Gri££in gets, I should imagine the poor White working-class electorate of the area won't relate to this smug, conceited poster?

  2. Anonymous

    Darby doesn't live in the same world as most of us, why doesn't this middle-class toff piss off? We want our party back! Below more mindless rantings from his boring blog."A massive late night premeditated strike on the festive supply of chocolate biscuits yesterday heralds the official start of my Christmas. Although technically committed to planet BNP until late tomorrow my festivities and duties will have to learn to coexist for the next twenty four hours."

  3. Anonymous

    I see Butler and his poor wife are photographed together, what a rare sight. Barnbrook asked for dozens of activists to gather on Monday morning for this photo shoot, only 6 turned up. Most people are pissed off with Griffin.

  4. Anonymous

    Gri££in has publicly stated that he will spend the maximum amount on his Barking campaign, (the greedy prat thinks he will become a MP,) this is just the first of many billboard posters, they cost a small futune. More members money wasted?

  5. Anonymous

    Some of those in the photo "under" Gri££in don't look too happy – Wonder why that is?Probably because Gri££in "Big Fish" is eating all the other fish in the pond. Or throwing them out!

  6. Anonymous

    Most of the people below his nibs look real glum in the piccy.They look like they wanna set up the Dumped Royally On Nearly Griffins Organisers Society.thats DRONGOS for short.

  7. Nemesis

    Who choose the picture for that chesy, tacky billboard.Gri££in toasting with a glass of wine (presumably from Euro expenses?).The grinning tosspot is proably saying 'Cheers' to all those numskull BNP sheeple who have constantly supported him with their misguided loyalty and enthusaism, hard work tramping the streets for no reward and donating so much hard-earned money – all for that grinning tosser to enjoy a great lifestyle whilst dismantling the only viable vehivle for British racial nationalism.

  8. Anonymous

    Where's that traitor Lee Barnes in the photo? He should be there behind his master Griffin with his tongue up Gri££in's arse, defending him to the hilt as usual in that sanctimonious, hypocritical and obsequious way of his.TRAITOR…

  9. the shame

    Greedy fat corrupt c***!Scams, cash and the promise of a little power, this is all he represents. I feel so sorry for the dupes that will vote for this odious man.

  10. GriffinWatch

    What am I to do? Censor the comments section and become like Griffarage a wannabe dictator?I would imagine that some of our viewers don't make the distinction between Griffarage and the B.N.P.,the party will inevatively be tarred with his filthy brush/actions.Of course there will be the enemies of white nationalism posting comments here also, it's the nature of the beast, I can do nothing about that.

  11. Anonymous

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  12. Anonymous

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