Ever feel like you are being watched? Watching them watching us.


“Who is Cyveillance and what do they do?:
A while back, we found that this company was scanning some of our sites from It is funny because this ‘bot’ identifies itself as “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows XP)”, and not as WhateverBot /1.0 or such. Not only that, but it started to follow links that were told not to follow in our robots.txt files. Thus this company archived them without the robot.txt’s permission.

Seeing this, I called Cyveillance’s toll free phone number, and asked why this was happening. They had no answer, and said they would ‘block’ the scan after I gave them my ip. Thats fine. I gave them my IP. A month later this started again. Same thing. I went through this routine for several weeks. I finally had to firewall their ass. I even sent a cease and desist letter. This is why this site is here. To expose the illegal activities of Cyveillance. Cyveillance has been trying to stay in the shadows, to stay hidden from the public eye. I setup this site to expose them and bring these terrorists into the light. To this day I still see Cyveillance attempting to go through my routers.

So what are they doing this for?:
Cyveillance’s clients are those from the music & movie industry, thus the RIAA, and MPAA. Cyveillance scans, and trys to gain unauthorized access to P2P networks, Web servers, IRC servers, FTP servers, and mail servers, accross the net looking for MP3s, and movie titles. They will even go as far as to attempt to break into your systems, which is what our logs posted here show. After the scanning is done, the site is archived, and the information sold the the RIAA, and MPAA, so that they can turn around and sue your 12 year old child, or 80 year old grandmother, and get away with it. We recently found that Cyveillance monitors sites for the U.S. Government under contract. That makes them international spies, and a terrorist group. Non-US countries beware. The CIA are already labled as a terrorist group by many people.


So a big hello to the chaps at Cyveillance at Arlington Boulevard Virginia (isn’t that where the C.I.A. are?), we hope that you are learning from this blog. 😉

Taken from our logs:

“20 Dec 12:46:42 IE 6.0 WinXP 800×600 United States Arlington,
United States Cyveillance ( [Label IP Address]
No referring link”

The “No refering link” means that we are on their favourites page.

Google Cyveillance for more on them.


3 thoughts on “Ever feel like you are being watched? Watching them watching us.

  1. Anonymous

    Even the Green Arrow site seems to have caved in to pressure from without. They must have made him an offer he couldn't refuse or just pensioned him off. Just try posting anything but the usual boring anti Muslim, anti liblabcon, anti controlled media stuff and the BNP brain dead wade in with "You anti Semite, Nazi, it was you that stole the Auschwitz Arbeit Macht Frei sign" etc. No right of reply usually. Truly unbelievable. They don't like the uncomfortable truth up 'em while they discuss and post the usual "I'll always love you GA" pointless, mind numbing stuff. The best thing I ever did was support the BNP for what I've learned about politics these last few years and the next best thing my family has done is getting the hell out of it as long as Griffin is around.

  2. Anonymous

    Here part of the answer, two queer Jews. Mandelson want's to change the law on file sharing in this country because the Jewish Media mafia are lossing money."It then emerged that Mandelson had met the Hollywood mogul David Geffen at a Corfu holiday villa owned by the Rothschild banking dynasty, raising fears that he might been unduly influenced by the industry line on file-sharing." "Lord Mandelson is seeking to amend the laws on copyright to give the government sweeping new powers against people accused of illegal downloading.But Labour colleagues are concerned that if he succeeds it could give a future Tory government the ability that Rupert Murdoch wants to quash Google."

  3. Anonymous

    Clueless Gri££in!'But party leader Nick Griffin certainly seemed to have no knowledge of the crisis developing in the city he likes to call the jewel in the BNP's crown. Speaking from the climate summit in Copenhagen, an obviously flustered Mr Griffin said: "I'm afraid I don't know anything about this. I've no idea what's happening in Stoke-on-Trent." 'http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/news/BNP-leader-quitting-s-ahead/article-1628388-detail/article.html?


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