Why Arthur Kemp is a coward and likely infiltrator.

Well my mind is made up now.

Three words and I quote from the foetid blogpage linked below.

“Comments are closed”


Only a coward allows no comments on their foetid rantings, why? because they fear others opinions, they fear the truth.

Now don’t I just feel a twit (you can replace the i with an a if you like), for giving the benefit of the doubt.


Sounds just like AIPAC doesn’t it.
He has his own label now, we will be watching him also.

A shabbat goy if ever there was one.

Thanks to those who pushed the issue, when G.W. was clearly in the wrong, it’s a teamwork thing. We make mistakes sometimes. It’s a difficult job.

On the plus side, you get your say on G.W.,we reject very few comments. Keep up the good work, without your input, this blog would be nothing. It’s our blog, not mine.

10 thoughts on “Why Arthur Kemp is a coward and likely infiltrator.

  1. Anonymous

    Kemp is always attacking other Racial Nationalist groups internationally. How does he make his money to swan around the world and have time to research and write books? He can't make that much from Excalibur, who's pay roll is he on? I've listen to the internet radio broadcast he was on, how can any intelligent, genuine Nationalist say that nonsense, the AIPAC lobby in the US is enormous and very powerful. Jim Giles seems like a decent bloke but Kemp ran rings around him.

  2. Anonymous

    Arthur Benjamin Kemp needs some good old fashion educating, first he should watch these videos entitled "The History of Political Correctness," concerning the Frankfurt School ideology and how it poisonous influences affects our modern Western Society. He may then learn who is behind the White Races' destruction? Next time he is the USA he should be interviewed by William Lind?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyu-9-OhHoghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI3ulKg5gH4&feature=relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/user/camdengreen#p/u/9/Mk6C3s1ol1A

  3. Anonymous

    He's abit like that lily-livered traitor Lee Barnes then. Barry Barnes rarely accepts critical comments against him or his mate Griffin. He even admitted so in a reply to a nationalist who commented on his blog a few weeks ago, claiming that nationalists need to be united and that there should be no divisive comments. That's abit rich coming from the ARCH TRAITOR himself.

  4. Anonymous

    This quote is from the Croydon Advertiser, Friday 21st November 2008 : 'Ms Lewis also rejected the suggestion theat the BNP was a racist party. She explained explained : "I'd like to point out to you that my father's brother married a (black)) lady from Guyana back in the early 1960s. I prefer this woman to my dad's own sisters."' Griffin appointed Ms Lewis to the position of Croydon branch BNP organiser earlier this year!

  5. Anonymous

    I'm hearing reports back from people who were at the Croydon meeting last night that there was another 10 Negros in the bar, of the usually all White pub. One of the Half-castes who sat in on the meeting uninvited, stated that his father was the first black policeman in Britain. I wonder if it was the State trying to provoke a reaction? There have been several other incidents recently around the country were Negros have been turning up at branch meetings. Either that or Griffin is testing the waters?

  6. Anonymous

    The BNP 2008 accounts have finally be published by the Electoral Commission. Just a quick run down (full analysts will take a little time over to you E.N.Ronn?) I can't see where the Truth Truck expenditure is?Staff Costs : £327,058Management & admin : £ 263,074DEFICIT = £82,642Nothing for the RWB 2008 ticket sales.Leaflets sales Nothing.VoF & ID sales down from 2007http://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/party-finance/database-of-registers/statements-of-accounts/soa/pdfs/soa_16-12-09_10-42-12.pdf


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