More (not so) Covert threats directed at White Nationalism.

“I’m sure there are many lawyers in the US (How would a bus driver from Sheffield have access to U.S. lawyers Dave? Ed.)who would jump at the chance to hurt your organisation (Why would you want to hurt White Nationalists Dave? Ed.) with such a clear cut libel please dont let it come to that .”

As we all know solicitors/barristers/lawyers cost a lot of money.

How can Dave Howard, on his bus drivers wage even hope to sue Stormfront? We weren’t aware that he was a monied man, or perhaps Channel 4s legal department are involved?

Anyway enough time has been wasted by this blog on these two creatures (unless anything pressing comes up).

Well done boys, you have “outed yourselves”, Griffarage may do nothing to rid us of you, however decent W.N.s have helped to expose you.


6 thoughts on “More (not so) Covert threats directed at White Nationalism.

  1. Anonymous

    these filth are threatened and slandered loads of people over the years ffs. what is said there is bloody true though. they started all this nonsense years ago and things are coming to a head.

  2. Anonymous

    This is latest from Darby's boring blog, he and Gri££in ain't for real playing at politics, our nation is being over run by non-Whites and race-mixing is on the increase and he is study about a fjord, what planet are they living on?"Off on another speaking engagement fairly soon so not too much time to tell you what has been going on today. A day in which much of my time has been spent researching the llulissat Icefjord in general and the Jacobshvan Isbrae glacier in particular. Not that this was for "personal use", it was part of our preparations for Nick's visit to Copenhagen for which there is already considerable media interest."

  3. More Tommy rot!

    A blast from the past!———————-By John Griff Wood"I have it on record that Tommy (scum-bag) Williams boasted that he had been one of Iris's lovers.I would ask you to think on this:Iris died in 1980; Tommy is about 38. He would have been eleven years old the year that she died!Once again, Tommy Williams is exposed as the liar and and mental cripple that he is!"


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