The most relevant quote in regards to this latest debacle.

“For far too long we have welcomed psychopaths into our ranks and for far too long we have failed to dissociate ourselves from other organizations which do the same. Just because some people might call themselves Nationalists does not make them our comrades! Many organizations still do not realize this, and as long as they fail to do so they are doomed; unfortunately, so are we if we do not take every opportunity which offers itself to denounce them in public. It often has been said that we should not “wash our dirty linen” in front of the enemies and that all “internal strife” should be kept within our own walls. But this is not our linen and it most certainly is not “internal strife.” Instead, it is a necessary cleaning operation, and it must be carried out in public.

Our worst enemies are not the Jews or the Communists, but the very people who while calling themselves Nationalists debase the fundamental concepts of being a Nationalist philosophy through their behaviour, thus confirming the distorted impression of our Idea conveyed to the public. Indeed, we can feel no loyalty and no friendship toward such people. On the contrary, we have to rid ourselves of any connection with them whatsoever and go out of our way to show people that they do not belong to us.”

This blog is a part of the cleansing operation and why it was forced into existence. Ed.

Anyway, read the whole thread and make your own mind up. All of the evidence contained on this blog and indeed on many places on the www point to the above being correct.

The clincher in our view, is that neither the M.S.M. nor the reds over at L.U. have picked up on this story that clearly embarasses Griffage.


One thought on “The most relevant quote in regards to this latest debacle.

  1. sleeping satellite

    I remember years ago on the old football circuit leeds united,nottingham forest and chelsea were the major players for nationalism on the terraces.Our old man once got us leafleting for the NF outside stamford bridge in the 70s and we were the away supporters.good days fond memories i became a chelsea supporter at the age of 12 and always stood outside fulham broadway tube station giving out leaflets on a match day.The nationalists i met at chelsea were superb.


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