Well said that man.

Steve Cartwright replies.

The drivel above was posted to me by a comrade this morning. It seems it comes from some sort of live discussion board from the “C.U.N.T.” mob.

I know little about the “covert” people other than what friends and comrades have told me. And that has always been entirely negative.

If I am correctly informed, then the “Covert” people are the dregs of “White Nationalism” in Britain. I am told it is staffed by nonentities and movement butterflies- people who are the antithesis of what White Nationalism should be about, misfits and moral cowards.

I know none of these people personally as I have a tendency to bow to the greater knowledge of people with experience of dealing with most people on the ground, and one glance at their infantile website tells me that my comrades assumptions are almost certainly spot on.

Another thing is for certain, these people do not know me, not “from Adam” as the old saying goes. Even though they may think they do!

For those who do not know me, I have been an active White Nationalist for a quarter of a century. I have had the honour of serving our cause in a variety of capacities over those years.

In my various capacities and donning various hats, I have travelled extensively, not only in these isles but across the “White world”. I have had the privilage of addressing and representing our movement at rallies in Dresden, Wunsiedl, Stockholm and the USA and beyond, and I have met some of the most influential “White Nationalists” in modern history- (Dr William Pierce, David Duke, John Tyndall, Jean Marie Le Pen, Nick Griffin, etc, etc,)- calling some of them comrade and friend.

Equally as important I have met and also called friends, many of the selfless activists who we hear little about in our movement. The guys who stood toe to toe with the reds and muds, the family man who put his last pounds into the coffers of the White Nationalist movement in the hope that his children may have some kind of future, or the wee wifie who, despite age and infirmity still had the guts to stand up and roar accusingly “Jewboy!”

Yes, I have met some of the best people our race has to offer and I am honoured and humbled by that.

Sadly I have also met the worst elements of our race and movement too in that time- the Tim Hepple’s, Charlie Sargeant’s and Darren Wells’ of this world.

I have also seen people accepted into our ranks that are clearly inadequates or even mad. People who are “White Nationalists” because they are so low in self-esteem that they choose to be seen with us,(somehow looking down on others) to give them a bit of self-importance.
They may be trash, but at least they are “White Trash” seemed to be the reckoning.

I have met the types who urge people to do this , or do that, condemning others for not doing or giving enough, only to see the self-same people scurry away when the call came to act decisively “For Race and Nation”.

We have had more than our fair share of those creatures.

From what I have learnt today of the “Covert” people then they certainly fall into that category of the worst elements of “White Nationalism” in Britain today that I describe above.

They, like the English Defence League, are a plague on our movement and should be identified as such.

Our comrades in the BNP, NF, BFF, RVF, BM, 28, ITP, C18, etc should take note.

Finally, returning to the “C.u.n.t” board above.

For the record, I have never said I have seen Eddy Morrison steal comrades families’ money, Eddie Morrison did not stay at my place (not that it would be any “c.u.n.t.s” business who did or did not stay at my place) and finally no one spoke to me on the phone at all. It is all deliberate nonsense!

PS- Covert, don’t bother trying to give it the big one in response. You clowns are way out your depth.”



5 thoughts on “Well said that man.

  1. Anonymous

    Latest from smug Darby's blog, don't worry you will never turn into a hardliner you state stooge, unless your masters order you to change tack but you would never be believed by any Racial Nationalist in this country."I hope all of this DNA business isn't turning me into a hardliner!"

  2. Anonymous

    Just to clarify Darby has just received the results of his DNA test (sounds costly) and they have come back as "Y-DNA Haplogroup I." In the real world Darby the only time sound, decent Nationalists have their DNA tested is when they get nicked by ZOG for thought crimes, get real you smug bastard. A 1,000,000 of your type are not worth one Steve Cartwright!

  3. Anonymous

    You can download the latest constitution, 11th edition here. It's the one will the leadership challenge amendments made at the 2007 Red, White & Blue. What's interesting is that Griffin needs a two thirds majority to change the constitution at an EGM, so we need to been there in January folks to wipe that grin of his fat face.http://bnp.org.uk/Constitution.doc


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