From Welshpool Towers via Covert Towers, the lies spew forth.

The most laughable quote of the week is circled in one of the pictures above.

“Infact a certain media outlet contacted us and said that its “probably the most influential organisation in nationalism outside of the main orgs like the BNP” for example.”

Well the self professed masters of propaganda over at the rather aptly named C.U.N.T.S. blog, seem to be in a little world of their own.

The alexa stats. for their blog (also pictured above)certainly doesn’t show them as being influential, in fact quite the opposite over the last 3 months.

Perhaps they have only succeeded in brainwashing themselves.

Worst still the “not so covert” idiots have been spreading yet more malicious lies, no doubt at the behest of their master Griffarage. They claim that the N.F. membership list has been leaked yet provide no evidence thereof.

See for yourself:

As the activists leave Nicks B.N.P. in droves (so we hear) bound for the N.F. and elsewhere, this is clearly a desperate attempt a “stopping the self inflicted rot” by Griffarage and his rather useless “propagandist”.

The B.N.P. under Griffarage is coming apart, it’s time that he was removed.


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5 thoughts on “From Welshpool Towers via Covert Towers, the lies spew forth.

  1. Anonymous

    I haven't left the BNP, I will just not bother renewing my membership when it expires and neither will my spouse. Those who question the disastrous direction the BNP is heading are now referred to as racial nationalists, dinosaurs,even Jew baiters along with the new BNP slur word Nutzi. Just questioning the role of Jews in our society's problems is met with howls of derision and accusations of anti-Semitism. Some genuinely believe that one day they will actually form a government if they bend with the wind so to speak. As if the Zionist controlled media and politicians carefuly watched over and directed by their banker masters would let true nationalists anywhere near those levers of power without all out civil war first. The Zionist buggers and their highly paid political puppet servants would rather see Europe reduced to a smouldering nuclear wasteland before that happens while they clear off pell-mell to Israel or other feathered nests.

  2. Anonymous

    Those CUNTS are truly full of bullshit. It's not just them though that Griffin uses to spread filth, lies and nonsense about decent Nationalists. Griffin has a network of scumbags dotted around the country. I don't know if he pays them or they are just twisted individuals, many of them have criminal convictions. As we have seen though none of them are critical of Griffin or his treacherous policies.

  3. Simon ‘Demolition’ Darby

    The utter filth that run that CUNTS blog are the lowest level of prehistoric frog shit from the bottom of Gri££in's scum pond. I’ve got more time for Reds than I have for those creatures. Good luck GW and keep up the good work exposing filth.

  4. sleeping satellite

    Griffin has a network of spies and spivs,members who ask questions and come up with new ideas and policies are no longer wanted in the party as you are seen as a threat.When the party put it on the main website to GRASS ON YOUR FELLOW MEMBER IF HE HAS ANY LINKS TO THE EDL ! did it for me,they might be an ass but you never grass is my motto.Look how many good members over the years who have left for refusing to agree have been stabbed in the back and had lies made up about them ? many are now sussing out Griffin plc.

  5. Anonymous

    You're not wrong there, Sleeping Satellite. The South West Gang of Four, Peter Mullins, Peter Lucas, Jeremy Wotherspoon and Joan Bridge-Taylor asked questions and came up with new ideas and policies, and look what happened to them. Wotherspoon has been reinstated but the other three await 'interviews' None have been advised of the reasons for their suspension.The brain drain continues.


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