Griffin shoots himself in the foot over Israel. REPOST.

As we commented nearly four years ago, Nick Griffin is an intelligence asset who is likely to be used to foment friction between various groups in the run-up to a much bigger conflict.

General Albert Pike first spoke of this conflict over a century ago. The founder of modern freemasonry foresaw three world wars with the final one involving a tumultuous clash between the nations of Islam on the one hand and political Zionism and the West on the other. For more on this and the role-played by the media and the likes of Griffin see

Seems like it’s all happening exactly as predicted, unfortunately the war was only part of what is heading our way. There is worse, much worse to come but that doesn’t mean we should despair. Because there is a way to deal with what’s coming and ultimately learn from it and that is by being informed and aware. Ed

Nobody in the mainstream media will question why such a relatively unimportant item like the BNP story was given such prominence. Nor will they question why it was immediately followed by a story that in contrast seems almost guaranteed to provoke further friction and enmity. Although that may have been the intention, don’t expect the mainstream media to tell you. Its function in the emerging New World Order is to shape and condition public perception, and in this particular case, to foment antagonism between the Islamic world and the West. However, Nick Griffin’s acquittal and retrial is only part of a much bigger story that you won’t be hearing from the BBC. When Nick Griffin was arrested and charged some months back, a contributor to this website, Dave Starbuck who personally knows Griffin, informed me that the trial would be a “show trial” and that Griffin would be acquitted. Sure enough he was: but to ensure that tension between various ethnic groups remains high, Griffin now faces a retrial. The authorities are, in a sense, furthering fuelling the fires of tension and enmity with the retrial. But as Dave Starbuck informed us, Nick Griffin is in the pay of British intelligence. Like George Bush (3)he has a known homosexual past* that is used as a means to manipulate him: with threats of exposure, or tempt him with offers to gratify his perverted lusts

Now come on folks, why has Nick all of a sudden become so pro-Israel (after who are the mindbenders) Why did he and Collett stay out of prison, when so many before have gone down on lesser charges, Kevin Hughes for one, the Heritical two, although in absentia.

It’s time to turn on the radio and tune into sanity F.M.


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