Help to get the message out.

Over the next few weeks we intend carrying out a large mail-out to nationalists and patriots throughout the UK to advertise FC, promote our work and help them realise that there is a thoroughly nationalist journal with a sensible approach to politics, which knows its enemies and what it is defending. With so many political parties and journals having the seen and unseen backing of the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rothschilds, Murdochs – and their hired hands – it is more vital than ever before that FC is a voice for genuine nationalism, without the clowns and drunkards that litter so many groups like rats in sewers. Your £1 can help us place an intro leaflet, some stickers and flyers into the hands of four or five of those who are interested in nationalism, racialist music, militaria and so on: a ready audience for our message and who, we hope, will go on to support FC become regular readers of FC material, and who can be educated into the real cause of nationalism. Of course we will continue to put materials out, and our supporters continue to sell on FC mags, pass out stickers and so on… but this will form a “back drop” to what we are doing and bring in a new audience as well as the patriots who, for example, pop by to check this blog once a week. So please do help out.”Normal” leaflets put through letter-boxes are estimated to get a response of circa 1 – 3%. With this mail out we are aiming at a response level of 25 – 50%. So pound for pound, we are looking at an excellent investment to keep radical nationalism alive and well, and bring new blood into our sphere of influence. With money flowing into the Kosher-right and Degenerate-Left (openly and the “brown envelope” type) we hope you will be able to help this appeal, whether you live in Trowbridge and give £2, or live in Tennessee and give £10. Of course, the more you donate the bigger the mail-out and the faster it can be done. So please do donate today and donate whatever you can afford. Here’s how to donate:1. Mail.Pop a cheque/PO in the post payable to Final Conflict, and send it to
Final Conflict, BCM Box 6358, London, WC1N 3XX, England.
(keep stubs safe until the donation arrives with us). Don’t send cash through the post.
2. Online
.Go to the FC website and make a donation through our Online Shop’s Donation section, where you can mix and match the donations to make any amount. Of course if you wish to add your donation to any order (mailed or online) you can do that too. Outlets for, and bodies that promote, genuine nationalism are few and far between. So it is vital that we not only support them, but ensure that new blood flows in from time to time. If you don’t use it: you’re going to lose it! And in this life and death struggle when so many have fallen by the wayside or taken the enemy’s shekel, it is now more vital than ever that we put our money where our mouth is, even in this small way.
If not you, who?
If not now, when?
Is a genuine nationalist voice worth a few spare pounds? We know it is! If you think it isn’t… then we’ve lost already!

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