History repeats itself. Collett. Ashcroft.

More errors in judgement, from the “profiteer in chief

These mistakes have become habitual,
is Nick doing it on purpose? or just inept?

Griffin Watch is of the opinion that he is a “knave, not a fool”

Mark Collett: Remember Wayne Ashcroft
Wayne Ashcroft rose through the ranks of the quite moribund National Front and came to the attention of the then BNP leader Nick Griffin. Above Right: Wayne “Gas ‘Em All” Ashcroft publicly embarrassed all Nationalists when exposed on national TV, on the Cook Report. Is history repeating itself? Above Left: Once Griffin’s idea of a future leader, Wayne (now George) Ashcroft dumped all his files with a leftie and is now an “anti-racist” Tory Councillor.Some of you will remember that Nick publicly declared that Wayne Ashcroft was a future leader of the BNP – though at the time (so he said, so can we believe it?) Nick was envisaging some kind of merger to create the ‘British National Front.’So what happened to the “great white hope” Wayne Ashcroft?”

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