Nick Griffin and Zion2.

The BNP, MI5 & Zionism: A Long Term Objective?
Right: The next leader of the “free world” is already guaranteed to be a Zionist. Who runs the banking system? Who controls our political parties? Who runs the media? Who rules Hollywood? Who controls Big Business?
Hint for BNP members: it ain’t “the muzzies.”An interesting link (see first link below) here for two reasons.
The fact that John Tyndall, albeit self-induced to some degree, seems to realise that his party was taken over as the result of a conspiracy either controlled or used by the State in the light of government/MI5 statements in the 90s
re. attacking and bringing down nationalism.
The feedback to the piece suggests that the BNP has been turned, at least because sections of it are now draping themselves in Stars of David (remember too that Mark Cotterill’s false EFP was condemned by the local Green Party for using the Israeli Flag in its electoral campaigning). I was talking recently to European Comrades who used to be confreres with Mr. Griffin, and there is little doubt to them that has been a “turning point” (the whys and wherefores of it can be debated) because it CANNOT be debated that the nationalist movement (represented by the NF in the 70s & 80s and the BNP in the 90s) was avowedly anti-Zionist; whereas today the nationalist movement (represented by the BNP in the 00s) is, at best, now no longer anti-Zionist and, at worst, positively pro-Israel and Neo-Con in language if not in policy per se.
This not hearsay or opinion.
This can be evidenced from the material out there and the increasingly Neo-Con nature of the material coming from the BNP, not to mention the Zionist language that comes from certain BNP people who are kept in their positions by the BNP leadership.

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