Griffin and his allies.

Griffin’s Allies Attack Blood & Honour
It seems a web-site allied to Nick Griffin and his “most Zionist” BNP is attacking Blood & Honour for its ISD memorial held last weekend.
Right: Zionist policy and aping of the Zionist media by so-called nationalists all stems from the criminal conspiracy of the Neo-Cons, hatched in America after the CIA/Mossad false-flag op known as “911.”We shouldn’t be surprised really because the Zionist media pours abuse and gives a completely slanted report of the ISD Memorial, whereas the Zionist media reported what it was spoon-fed by the “Most Zionist” BNP concerning its RWB weekend.Cui bono?Will the Zionist media and the attack dogs who sit on their coat tails continue to attack Blood & Honour?As long as the latter doesn’t join the “Israel First” slant of the BNP we must assume so, and those of us in the cross-hairs of an enemy establishment should treat it as a badge of honour.As Lena Lovitch sang in her number one hit: Death to ZOG. 😉

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